Crystal Castles’ second LP

It’s called Crystal Castles. Yep. The same thing as their first record. My music library is screwed. Not Crystal Castles II, just self titled. Again. I just got it, but I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m going to very soon, I’m a big fan of their first one. I still think that it should be Ethan’s solo project – all Alice does is sing/scream in about a third of the album’s tracks, and he seems to do all of the production, songwriting, etc. It’ll be released on May 24, but it was leaked online, so you can get it at about a thousand different websites now.

So yeah. I’m not that good at writing news articles and the like, but the short is: I’m pissed off at their second record having the same title as their first.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor Reform

Efrim Menuck in 2000

Biggest music news of the year for me. Post-rock gods Godspeed You! Black Emperor have decided to return to the road, after a hiatus that begun in 2003. Even though they probably won’t release a new record before calling it quits again, and they almost definitely won’t come to Australia on their tour of “a handful of British and European shows, and then 9 American towns”, I’m still over the moon about their reformation.

They’re not doing interviews, or taking other offers, or anything. For now, all they want to do is play the Northern hemisphere shows. I’m hoping and praying that they change their mind and come down under.