If you’re like me and you’ve recently been dipping your toes into the vast and dangerous world of tabletop games, this is news that will certainly whet your appetite. Acclaimed 2014 board game Evolution has been released on digital platforms after large-scale beta testing.

Developed by North Star Digital Studios, the video game arm of the board game’s original publisher North Star Games, Evolution is a one-hour board game in which two to six players compete for survival in a tumultuous environment, adapting their species to protect themselves from predators and ensure the collection of sufficient food. Multiple paths towards victory exist, including evolving into carnivores and preying on fellow players, or simply opting for protection and playing as close to a solitaire game as possible.

The video game adaptation includes a tutorial mode and an “Apex Species” campaign mode, in addition to the cross-platform multiplayer with automatic lobby technology that matches you to players of a similar skill level. These are all things that we take for granted in the land of video games, but Evolution is undeniably highly ambitious in the (often lacklustre) sphere of digital adaptations of board games.

With a 7.2 rating on social review aggregator BoardGameGeek and a place in the coveted Top 500, Evolution is certainly worth a play on cardboard–and if you like it there, you’ll definitely like it as a video game.

Evolution is currently available for 20% off on Steam here during the launch week, or check out the trailer below.

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