There’s always a handful of games in the indie section at any PAX event that catch my eye more than the others. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always running around trying to consume as much as possible like the Great Old Ones at a soul buffet, but there’s always a couple I keep coming back too and just watching. This year, one of those games was Quantum Suicide, a science-fiction visual novel inspired by Danganronpa’s “killing high school”.

The Everett is a generation ship sent forth from the Earth in 2092; a desperate, last-ditch effort to save some remnant of humanity after we destroyed our home planet.

25 years later, there’s been some sort of incident involving the original crew–you play as a second-generation researcher raised in a small shuttle that has just been recovered by the mothership. Following your return to the Everett, you find artificial intelligence has experienced something of a glitch; attempting to preserve resources, it drags some of the Everett’s inhabitants into a murderous game; the “Deletion Games”.

The bread and butter of Quantum Suicide is going to be the murders–and, assumedly, solving them. I’m currently playing through Danganronpa 1 on stream now (shameless plug) and the way developer Tina Howard (Cotton Candy Cyanide) was talking, it seems like Quantum Suicide will be heavily inspired by Japanese visual novels–puzzle heavy, with mystery, overarching intrigue, complex knots to untangle, and fan service as far as the eye can see. The player character can be either a boy or a girl and seven “courtable options,” each with their own sexual preferences, are available, as well as over 30 different endings.

After successfully launching on Kickstarter in January, Quantum Suicide ran into a bit of a legal hurdle regarding ownership of the IP that has since been resolved. Talking to Tina, it’s obvious from the first sentence that Japanese culture and the visual novel space is something she’s incredibly passionate about and knowledgeable in. She does all that she can for the title by herself–the writing, programming, designing, management, marketing, etc–and anything she knows she can’t tackle is outsourced to over 50 skilled contractors, mostly for art and voice acting. She was also very careful not to spoil Danganronpa for me as I spewed about how I was only just dipping my toes into the genre and was very excited for Australia’s own take.

Quantum Suicide will release both in English and Japanese. It is targeting a late 2018 release on Steam and, in true Japanese visual novel fashion, PS Vita (in 2019). Keep up to date on CCCN’s Twitter here.

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