In anticipation of its release on March 27th, Ubisoft have released a story trailer of Far Cry 5, as well as announced some more details about the highly anticipated (personally, at least) successor to one of my favourite franchises of all time. Far Cry 5 brings the corruption and horror of the franchise to a place far more familiar to most of its audience–rural Montana, USA. It focuses on the Project at Eden’s Gate, a doomsday cult led by Joseph Seed, reminiscent of cults such as the Branch Davidians and Heaven’s Gate that dominated the news in the 1990s. In the story trailer, the player character is the new junior deputy of Hope County, Montana, and has to put together a band of rebels to lead the resistance and reclaim Hope County from the clutches of the cultists.

But it’s not just Hope County that Far Cry 5 will have in store. With purchase of the Season Pass (which is included with the Gold Edition), three extra stories will be included, each with their own unique setting. In Hours of Darkness, players will travel back in time to battle against Viet Cong soldiers; in Dead Living Zombies, players will find themselves within multiple B-movie scenarios as they fight hordes of zombies; and in Lost on Mars, players will fight Martian arachnids on–you guessed it–mars. Perhaps inspired by the runaway success of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, these three new stories should offer a whole lot of additional fun on top of what Far Cry 5 itself has to offer.

There might be a nod to that in the other piece of content that comes with the season pass–it includes a full copy of Far Cry 3: Classic Edition. It will also be available as a standalone purchase in winter, but will be available for season pass holders four weeks early (of course, if your platform of choice is the PC, you’ll receive Far Cry 3 immediately).

I for one am pretty pumped for Far Cry 5–the series has long been one of the few open world titles that has appealed to me enough to complete the games, and as someone with a huge interest in the doomsday cults of the 90s I can’t wait to see what Ubisoft has cooked up.

Far Cry 5 releases on March 27th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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