Civilization VI’s upcoming expansion, Rise and Fall, will be introducing a debutant civ to the franchise, The Cree, lead by chief Poundmaker. The Cree are one of the largest groups of First Nations in North America today, with over 200,000 members living in Canada. Poundmaker was a highly skilled bison caller and orator, best known as a peacemaker and defender of the Cree people.

Like Civilization V before it, Civ VI did feel a little bit sparse without the expansion packs that seem to hugely boost every game in the franchise. Rise and Fall is the first major expansion pack for Civ VI, so I’m taking the opportunity now to get back into Civ VI and really dig deeper in anticipation of the new expansion pack.

In Civilization VI, the Cree will contain the unique unit Okihtcitaw, the unique structure Mekewap, the unique leader ability Favourable Terms, and the unique Civ ability Nihitaw. Their abilities definitely give them a big boost early. With clever trading and alliances giving a huge boost of visibility, the Cree’s strength will likely be in aggressive early settling and wide empires.

Unique Unit — Okihtcitaw:

Replaces Scouts. Start with a free promotion and have increased combat strength. Roughly translating to “warrior”, Okihtcitaw were the sons of chiefs and had a far more important role to the tribe than a simple warrior. They would act as their protectors during travelling, and keep the peace when settled. They were considered incredibly brave and skilled in combat, charismatic, and clever. I sure hope the Civilopedia has a pronounciation guide.

Unique Structure — Mekewap:


Provides housing and production. When adjacent to luxury resources, provides gold. When adjacent to bonus resources, provides food. The Mekewap was a large structure build by the Cree from birch wood, intended to hold many people for long periods of time. They were not portable, yet due to their simple and clever design, were easily built and taken down as necessary.

Unique Leader Ability — Favourable Terms:

Causes all alliances to grant shared visibility. When establishing trade routes with foreign cities, Poundmaker will also benefit from bonus food and gold, boosted by any camps and pastures in that city.

Unique Civ Ability — Nihitaw:

The Nihitaw, or Woodland Cree, are a group of Cree people that had an extensive network of fur trade. The Cree start with an extra trade route and are granted a free trader unit when Pottery is discovered. Additionally, when a trader enters an unclaimed tile within three units of a Cree city, it will claim that tile for the Cree.

Poundmaker is one of the nine new leaders coming with Civilization VI: Rise and Fall on February 8th, 2018, the first major expansion pack for Civ VI. For more updates, follow @CivGame on Twitter.

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