Satoru Iwata’s tragic and untimely passing in 2015 sent shockwaves through the global community that are still being felt today. Nintendo themselves have remembered his legacy in a number of touching memorials since his death, including an “Omamori” tribute embedded into the Nintendo Switch, and a helpful wanderer with an uncanny resemblance to Iwata-san in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The release of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon earlier this week has included another tribute to the much loved developer. If the player enters the Game Freak offices to the right of the Heahea City Pokemon Centre with a Gold/Silver Pokemon in their party, they will hear a story about how the developers of Gold and Silver were struggling to fit all the data required onto the game’s cartridge and were “really in a pinch.”

That is, until an “amazing guy” helped them out by making a data compression program for graphics which enabled them to get both Kanto, the region from Red & Blue, and Johto, the region native to Gold & Silver, into the one game without sacrifices. This is despite not working at either company involved in Pokemon–at the time, Satoru Iwata was the head of HAL Laboratories, and yet still had time to act as a go-between for Nintendo and Game Freak. He also read the original coding for Pokemon Red/Green and ported the battle system into Pokemon Stadium for Nintendo 64–in one week–and was instrumental in bringing Pokemon outside of Japan and to Western audiences.

The story then continues that “He went on to become the amazing president of a real big company after that, too.” Indeed, in 2002, only two years after joining Nintendo proper, Iwata-san was appointed the first president of the company not related to the Yamauchi family since its founding.

Another touching memorial for a man whose influence, importance, and legacy, will last forever.

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