I’m not the only one super pumped for the upcoming Australian Space Program, but there’s definitely some other people in Melbourne even more excited than I am. Melbourne-based studio Opaque Space have signed an agreement with Boeing Australia–yes, that Boeing–to develop virtual reality-based training programs for astronauts as part of the CST-100 Starliner crew transport program. This agreement, unveiled as part of the announcement of the new Australian Space Program, is the first of its kind made by a Boeing team based outside of the United States, and signals the potential seen in the Australian game dev environment by domestic and international science and tech circles.

Their VR training will consist of training scenarios and content for future training missions. It will be employed alongside physical training to prepare the astronauts for the upcoming CST-100 Starliner crew capsule, which will transport crew to the International Space Station and other proposed private space stations, and is scheduled to make its first crew transport mission in December 2018.

Initially founded during the development of highly acclaimed VR game Earthlight, the success of which saw them strike a two year deal with NASA, Opaque Space has moved from strength to strength, culminating in this incredible news that makes them the first Australian VR supplier to Boeing, the world’s biggest aerospace company.

“This agreement on the eve of the announcement of the Australian Space Program represents a multiyear effort by both Opaque Space and Boeing Australia to further our place as a nation to contribute to the global human spaceflight mission. It is both humbling and exciting to be a part of this effort by Boeing to benefit NASA and other space agencies around the world.” said Opaque Space CEO Emre Deniz.

From all of us at SSM, congratulations to Opaque Space on the incredibly exciting news, and here’s to Australian game dev moving to the next frontier!

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