In anticipation of tonight’s release of melee fighter Absolver, publisher Devolver Digital have released a new launch trailer. Developed by Sloclap, a Paris-based team made up of ex-Ubisoft employees with pedigree including Watch_Dogs (yes I’m doing the underscore) and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Absolver is a bleak hand-to-hand combat game with a focus on deep deck building to tackle the PvP endgame. There is a short story mode which can be tackled either independently, or with up to two friends.

If you have less than three in your party, your world may be penetrated by another online player, either friend or foe, making the most of Absolver’s persistent online features. The world isn’t huge, and a large part of the story includes grinding against respawning Prospects and mini-bosses (Masked Ones) as you build up your combat repertoire by learning their moves.

We’ve had a bunch of hands-on time with Absolver over the last week, and have been thoroughly impressed by the unprecedentedly deep and rewarding combat mechanics and the “always getting better” draw reminiscent of Dota 2 or Mortal Kombat. There’s a story mode but it’s not fleshed out enough for my liking, despite the promise of the downtrodden and unique world–the focus is absolutely on deck building and developing your PvP skills, for 1v1 now and 3v3 when it’s introduced in a post-launch update. We’ll have a review coming out likely tomorrow, but until then, know that it’ll be recommended if you’re into the PvP aspect of it, and check out the launch trailer below:

Absolver will be released at 2am AEST, August 30, for PC and PS4. Check out the Steam page here and follow the team on Twitter @Absolver.


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