One of last year’s best kept mobile secrets was Reigns. Taking the role of a modern age monarch with absolute power, you could either help or hurt your subjects as you made decisions with a swiping interface reminiscent of some sort of kingdom-controlling Tinder.

London developer Nerial and publisher Devolver Digital have today announced that the reigns will be taken (sorry) by a sequel, Reigns: Her Majesty, later this (Southern hemisphere) spring. Priced at $2.99 for iOS, Android, and Steam, Reigns: Her Majesty sees the player take the role of a succession of queen regnants. Following a cultural renaissance, your player-character queen faces the constant threat of usurpers and backstabbers who seek to remove your family from the throne. Retaining the Tinder-like interface, swiping left or right will allow you to make decisions, be they helpful or harmful, to ensure you remain on the throne for as long as possible.

Joining Nerial for the sequel are narrative director Leigh Alexander, best known for her journalistic work, and composer Jim Guthrie, of Sword & Sorcery soundtrack fame. Check out the trailer below:

Reigns: Her Majesty will release later this year for iOS, Android, and Steam. For more information, follow @ReignsGame on Twitter.

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