Thimbleweed Park, the long-awaited adventure game from the developers of Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island 2, arrived earlier this year to the delight of critics everywhere, including me. Today, it releases on the PS4 (in North America and Europe), and is set to bring equal amounts of joy and puzzle-induced frustration to a whole new set of players.

It’s priced at $19.99 USD, and included in the new release is access to the “Thimbleweed Park Arcade” update. The previously “shuttered” and derelict arcade is no longer shuttered! (It’s probably still derelict though.) The park is now open for business, but in true adventure game style, access requires some clever thinking–it turns out that token machine didn’t just fill itself, and without tokens, there’s no arcade fun.

While the arcade is only available to PS4 players right now, never fear! Those of us who purchased the game on PC through Steam or GOG will be able to access it through a free update coming later this week. For more information about Thimbleweed Park and a thorough discussion about why you should absolutely play it, check out our review here.

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Jess is a psychology researcher by day and is determined to find a way to merge her gaming and professional lives. She loves point-and-click adventures, games with strong narratives, and her love of puzzles in all forms has actually caused her to use the phrase “that reminds me of a puzzle” whilst in a furniture store. She can generally be found on Twitter @zammitjess talking about games, feelings, and her life as an anxious mess.