In less than a week, on August 23, id Software’s competitive multiplayer shooter/MOBA mishmash, Quake Champions, will officially exit the Closed Beta stage of its development and appear on both Steam in Early Access and the launcher. It will be launched alongside a major update, including new maps, features, and the appearance of the DOOM Slayer as a new playable champion.

Next Wednesday, the “Champions Pack” will be available for $44.95, which will unlock all current and future champions as well as other exclusive content. This is a $10 discount from its final retail price on launch. It’s not exactly the Dota 2 model, but a one-off fee for all current and future characters is a pretty good deal for these sort of games. It remains to be seen how the free-to-play model will work, and the only announcement included in this press release is that it will “launch at a later date.”

The Early Access version of Quake Champions (again, only accessible from next Wednesday with the purchase of a Champions Pack or previous Closed Beta access) will include:

  • All 11 current champions, which includes mostly new characters, as well as a handful of names from Quake III Arena such as Ranger and B.J. Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein.
  • All future champions, including at least 6 which are planned for launch before the end of 2017.
  • An exclusive skin for Ranger and a handful of Reliquaries, which are QC’s version of Loot Boxes.

Games like this do rely on getting playerbase numbers up and keeping them enthusiastic, particularly if they want any hope of developing a long-lasting competitive scene. A successful Early Access launch could be critical to Quake Champions achieving enough interest to push towards a major free-to-play launch in the coming months.

Quake Champions will come to Steam Early Access and the Launcher on August 23, 2017. For more information, find them at @Quake. I’ve always been more of an Unreal Tournament guy myself (and GOD am I excited for news on that front.)


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