THQ Nordic, previously known as Nordic Games, have announced the latest entry in the cult Black Mirror franchise of Gothic-themed point-and-click horror games. Let me stop you right there: no, it’s got nothing to do with the TV show. Developed by Bremen-based KING Art Games, known for The Book of Unwritten Tales, Black Mirror is a reboot of the franchise with a totally independent and new story that doesn’t follow on from the previous instalment, Black Mirror III.

More than just a story-driven point-and-click adventure, Black Mirror promises to introduce a series-new gameplay element, featuring “interaction with vision-like apparitions.” Whether this is simply a device to drive puzzles or something more like Eternal Darkness‘ sanity features remains to be seen.

THQ Nordic producer Martin Kreuch has promised a “new interpretation that both retains the strengths of the original games and gives us more room to explore fresh possibilities in terms of gameplay so that players can experience the world of Black Mirror in a more direct and free way, and not ‘just’ in classic point-and-click style.” There have been point-and-clicks to do things differently–Ghost Trick, while not all that gothic, is an excellent example as to how to correctly use interacting between the worlds of the dead and the living in a point-and-click, but the Black Mirror reboot hopes to offer something unique.

The original Black Mirror game was released in 2003 by Czech studio Future Games, before the series was picked up by the German studio Cranberry Games who released Black Mirror II in 2009 and Black Mirror III in 2011. They have consistently received mixed reviews, with praise directed at the stellar audio-visual design and atmosphere, inspired by Lovecraft and Poe. That said, the series has been let down by plot holes, inconsistencies, and poor puzzles. Promised in the reboot is “high quality voice acting from a compelling ensemble cast,” possibly to address common complaints that the English voice acting in previous entries has been incredibly awkward. The director and writer of Black Mirror II, Achim Heidelauf, is returning to the franchise to act as a producer on the reboot–and, in his words, “the human psyche is a fascinating playground.”

Black Mirror will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 28, 2017. Watch the announcement trailer below. For more information, go to the official website.

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