Death Squared is, depending on the dickhead level of your friends, either a blast of a co-operative puzzle platformer, or essentially WWE 2K18. Either way, it’s amazing fun, and the Australian-made game is making its way to the Nintendo Switch today, July 13th.

With a simplistic, charming, yet clinical atmosphere, Death Squared sees up-to-four players team up and utilise their communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills to work their way through over 120 levels, including all-new content that didn’t see the light of day on the previously released platforms. One small misstep can spell demise for the whole team–this isn’t one of those multiplayer games in which one mechanically skilled player can carry the rest of the team on their shoulders.

As lead designer Patrick Cook put it in the press release, “Death Squared was created with groups in mind, so coming to the Switch made perfect sense.” We had a chance to play Death Squared at PAX last year and fell in love with it (but fuck that guy who demoed it with me and kept pushing me off the edge.)

Check out the Switch trailer below. Congratulations to SMG Studio for the Switch release and we hope to have a review out in the near future!

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