Almost two months ago, SkyGoblin announced that they would be looking to fund the third chapter of afro-noir adventure game The Journey Down through crowd-funding – and that campaign is now live! If you liked the first two and want to see more, there are (as expected) some great rewards on offer for those that help make the third installment of this game everything it deserves to be. There are the usual incentives – t-shirts, copies of the game (digital and boxed), the ability to name characters in the upcoming chapter, etc. – but there are also some more unique items like original sketches of concept art for the game, which when you’re talking about a game with such a gorgeous art style would be a special thing for anyone to own. The guys at SkyGoblin work really hard to make this game great, so if you want to pledge your support in a financial way, head on over to the Kickstarter page and check out what they’re offering!


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Jess is a psychology researcher by day and is determined to find a way to merge her gaming and professional lives. She loves point-and-click adventures, games with strong narratives, and her love of puzzles in all forms has actually caused her to use the phrase “that reminds me of a puzzle” whilst in a furniture store. She can generally be found on Twitter @zammitjess talking about games, feelings, and her life as an anxious mess.