Special Forces: Team X


Just because a game may be incomplete (such as one still in or alpha beta stages) that doesn’t necessitate that playing it will be a bad experience, but when that game actually feels incomplete and this dampens the fun of it all, you can’t be blamed for wondering what made you want to give away your dollars in the first place. Special Forces: Team X (abbreviated to STX, because apparently the word “Forces” isn’t important enough to make it into the acronym) is one of these titles that just isn’t worth your money. Even if you don’t mind dropping about $15 on a new multiplayer title just to see what’s happening; trust me, this isn’t worth your time either.

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DmC: Devil May Cry

dmc header

There was some controversy and a lot of angry fans when it was announced that Capcom were rebooting the Devil May Cry franchise with revamped character models, settings and story changes. I never played any of the original Devil May Cry games so I might be missing out on some of the nostalgia that became some of the defining games of the PS2. That being said, Ninja Theory have silenced most critics and have established the beginnings of a whole new series that can stand alone without being compared to its predecessors.

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anti header

Some years ago I had a brief experience with a game demo that was, simply put, awesome. It’s utterly unique mind-melting exploration gameplay left me in a state of confused amazement, and I assured myself that once this game was released I would get my hands on it, and enjoy the fuller experience. That game was Hazard:  The Journey of Life, which has now been released as Antichamber; this name change almost had me overlooking the game I’d been subconsciously anticipating for some time, but the instant I spotted some screenshots I recognized the distinct visual style and immediately felt myself getting keen to play. With all this hype and the accompanying pressure, does one-man team Alexander Bruce’s Antichamber drop the ball? Does it let the pressure get to its head? No. No, it doesn’t. It is, simply put, awesome.

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airbucc header

AirBuccaneers is a very peculiar online multiplayer game. I’m not quite sure that team-based airship-deathmatch counts as an official genre (though I do like the sound of it), but if it does, here is its flagship. In this game, you’ll play as either Vikings or Buccaneers–don’t worry, you can change at any time–and, as a part of an airship’s crew, shoot cannons aimed at enemy airships until they (or you) inevitably fall to the ground in a burning, screaming mass of wood and flesh. It’s fun.

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Natural Selection 2

ns2 header

Picture a space station overrun by an alien infestation, just as you have seen innumerous times in science-fiction films, television series and games. That is the exact setting of Natural Selection 2, a cliché representation of a fight between human marines and alien monsters, in this case the Frontiersmen and the Kharaa. If any sort of plot were provided I might be a little more enthusiastic about the origin and causation of the depicted battles, but, being a multiplayer game, Natural Selection 2 seems to just cut the fat and focus on bad-ass online strategy/action gameplay, which it definitely delivers. Also, although the environments are what you would expect with the above description (miscellaneous futuristic settings similar to those in Star Wars/Alien/etc.), they are beautifully made, and can barely be appreciated to the extent they deserve when used as the backdrop against the game’s frantic skirmishes.

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