It’s the final night of Select Start Media’s annual awards ceremony! We only have a few awards lined up for tonight: firstly, we’re going to be giving out a number of “Outstanding Game” awards, followed by our writers’ Game of the Year awards, and then the overall Select Start Media 2012 GOTY award! First up, here’s the winner of the very first Outstanding Game of 2012 award:

outstanding gameJourney wasn’t just a video game. It single-handedly revolutionised the way we think about pretty much every aspect of what makes a “game”. How can you present a story without dialogue? How can you promote interaction without communication? And, most importantly of all, how can you create an experience so moving with so little? Thatgamecompany’s final Sony exclusive pulled it off with fantastic grace and skill. Journey is a tremendous step forwards for video games, and one that we will be talking about in ten years’ time when we’re discussing the games-as-art debate–and for that reason, it’s fully deserving of the first Outstanding Game of 2012 award.


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