Dead Space 3 Preview


Feeling rather special, on Wednesday the 23rd of January, I was invited to a press-exclusive preview of the much-anticipated Dead Spare 3, playing up until a point 2-3 hours into the game. If this slice is anything to go by, the full experience of the game will be absolutely worth the wait and the price (and the clunkiness of gameplay) to any fan of the series, and definitely recommended to anyone who’s missed the predecessors. Oh, and anyone who likes horror games. Actually that’s probably a more important criterion.

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Dead Hungry Diner

dead hungry

I thought it should be best to open this review by saying quite clearly that I’ve never been a fan of time management games. The only games that fit into the genre (if it can really be called a genre) that I had seen played were very unappealing Flash games, so upon watching the trailer of Dead Hungry Diner and actually feel excited to play the game, I was awfully surprised. Because Dead Hungry Diner is a time management game. Okay, I probably should have said that first…

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I am a games writer. That’s what I do–I write about games. Usually, this involves composing reviews of games. I play a game, analyse both its positive and negative points, and write about thousand words summarising my opinion on said game, followed by a score out of ten. This time, my job was much more difficult.

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Black Mesa

black mesa header

I went into Half-Life (HL1) for the first time twelve years after its release fully aware that my expectations of how a game was to be designed was determined by contemporary releases, so playing this older game may be awkward, but I planned on appreciating the older style gameplay and lower quality graphics as they were. With this perspective I had an awesome time, because even though some parts of the game felt tedious or confusing and the graphics were dreadful (compared to 2010 releases, that is), the gameplay was an absolute blast. For the last eight years a team now consisting of forty volunteers has been bringing this experience into the more modern Source engine used for Half-Life 2 (HL2). As a result of this, their title Black Mesa feels like an awkward mash-up of the two Valve games, HL1 and HL2, and both benefits and suffers because of this. With such a long development time, does the satisfaction of a fresh revisit to a classic title justify all the time and effort put into the project? To be frank, I’m not entirely sure.

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Game of the Year

Here it is! It’s here! It has arrived! Yes, it’s finally time for the (far too) long awaited presentation of the ultimate award to be given out on this week of weeks! That’s right–in just a few lines, you yourself will be clicking on the image below and finding out which game will go home with the most prestigious award. Firstly, however, I’d like to take this opportunity to recap on what has been both a marvellous and somewhat bland year for video games.

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Fifth Outstanding Game of 2012

Sorry, boys and girls! I forgot two very worthy winners of the Outstanding Game last night. The two upcoming award winners are very different games, and many of you might not agree with at least one of them, but they are two games that did a huge amount to further the games industry and deserve some form of accolade. The first winner–and fifth overall Outstanding Game winner–is:

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