Imma Be – Black Eyed Peas

Oh God no. This is… awful. Someone really has to tell Fergie: “No, you’re not hot; no, I don’t want to touch your humps; and, for God’s sake, you’re not a fucking bee!” You see, the problem here is that while the rest of us knew better, Fergie believed her parents when they told her that she was amazingly talented., – while their names look like a website URL from a strange foreign country, are actually good producers. Fergie, on the other hand, is not. Props to her, however – at least she has a fairly solid grasp on the concept of punctuation. Under no circumstances has she ever put two full stops in the middle of a proper noun.

Listen, Stacey, you don’t sound good. This is not a good song. The Black Eyed Peas have released some good music in the past. This is not it. This is not anything like it. And, even though I’ve said it before – Fergie. In case you’re reading this, which I highly doubt, you are not a bee. So please stop claiming that you are. Because you are not.

You can have a score of two for the song’s novelty value. And for your passionate insistence that you are, in fact, a bee. Even though you are not.


Albums from 2010 that I’m still listening to

Even though, recently, I’ve been a bit slack in the whole writing reviews department, I’ve still been listening to as many records as possible (while my internet is not capped, which is about a third of the month). Of alllll the records released thus far this year, these are the ones I still listen to regularly and enjoy.

If I’ve already written reviews for them, I’ll link it. If I haven’t, meh, I’ll write one eventually and link it when it’s done.

“Congratulations” by MGMT
“Kollaps Tradixionales”  by Silver Mt. Zion
“Mr. Green, Volume One” by Carney
“Go” by Jónsi

Keep these albums in the back of your mind, because they’re in very strong contention for Album of the Year 2010.