Anno Online Closed Beta preview

anno online header

Browser-based games haven’t garnered much attention from me in past times. I think that’s due to a bad experience playing Ogame where I was obliterated the moment my noob-protection ran out. I like the idea of long-term gaming; waiting for hours for upgrades as opposed to seconds, such as is common in more conventional RTS titles. Ahh yes, RTS games. That I’m more familiar with. Not competitively at all, mind you, but I’ve enjoyed some days of AoE, and Warhammer 40K (my first PC game was Total Annihilation…). Never in that time did I bother getting into the Anno series (which admittedly appears to be more a city-builder title like SimCity… which I have also played), and I have no idea why. Somehow I had just missed the entire existence for the series, and upon participating in the closed beta for Anno Online, I feel fairly remorseful for that.

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Dead Space 3 Preview


Feeling rather special, on Wednesday the 23rd of January, I was invited to a press-exclusive preview of the much-anticipated Dead Spare 3, playing up until a point 2-3 hours into the game. If this slice is anything to go by, the full experience of the game will be absolutely worth the wait and the price (and the clunkiness of gameplay) to any fan of the series, and definitely recommended to anyone who’s missed the predecessors. Oh, and anyone who likes horror games. Actually that’s probably a more important criterion.

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EB Games Expo 2012 Preview

Europe has Gamescom, Japan has the TGS, and our trans-Pacific friends have E3. But here, in this sparse land we call Australia, there seems to be a severe shortage of dedicated video game conventions. This year, however (well, last year too, but it was at the Gold Coast so it doesn’t count), everyone’s favourite video game retailer EB Games is hosting their own expo, the creatively titled EB Games Expo. I’m sure you’ve all heard about this – after all, while it might be lacking the sorts of important announcements we might get from international conventions, the EB Games Expo 2012 will present to us thumb-twiddlers over 25,000 square metres of floor space, comprised primarily of upcoming games, accessories, and all-important free swag. And let’s not forget the e-sports, cosplay competitions, pop culture booths, and area focussing on Australian-grown video games.

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Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats trailer released


Hungry for a smothering of Katy Perry with your Sims 3? Can’t wait to get your greedy paws on EA’s upcoming expansion, Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats? Well, good news for you! A new trailer featuring the sugar-coated add-on has been released. This trailer showcases some of the new venues, objects, and outfits that will be available – as the press release puts it, Sweet Treats is “loaded with more stuff than ever seen before in a stuff pack.”

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