I am Matt McLeod, I write with my friends Nick Longshaw and Jess Zammit and we are from Wollongong, Australia. I’ll update this soon, until then, excuse the remainder of this post.

(this hasn’t been updated pretty much since SSM was a tumblr blog. Please forgive me.)

Select Start Media is a blog dedicated to video games and music. It is a place for a lazy person to vent his creativity/free time in the hope that other people will read it, be amused, and maybe even take some important life advice from it.

I try to review as many recent releases as possible, but I admit that there are still a lot that slip through my fingers. If you have any recommendations for me, whether they be new releases or old records, make sure you tell me – I always, always want more music to listen to and games to play (email). Don’t expect me to like it, however – no matter how much you rave about a suggestion, my next review could still absolutely slam it. Oh, and also, sometimes I release mixtapes. If you’re interested (which I hope you are!) you can download them.

I also reviews of old and new video games. Most of my writing has an attempt at a funny, smart-arsey tinge to it. I try to be funny, I really do, but sometimes my humour doesn’t work the same written as it does in my head. For that, I apologize in advance.

I try my best to listen without prejudice, although I do accept that sometimes, some people will see something wonderful in a record that I think is absolute crap, and vice-versa.

Select Start Media started out at http://pearlymusic.tumblr.com as purely a music-review site. It blossomed into Kooloo-Limpah!, but then I was worried that that name wasn’t original enough. Nor is Select Start, you might say, but fuck you. I also have a few other tumblrs, at http://suchalazyboy.tumblr.com, and others. None of them are very interesting.

In real life (in case you don’t know me), I am Matt. I’m not that old but not that young and I live in New South Wales, Australia. I play guitar (badly), sing (badly) and enjoy video games, and you can see me on Steam at steamcommunity.com/id/pearly. I attend the University of Wollongong as a Bachelor of Nanotechnology Advanced student. I like collecting the swatches of paints you find at hardware shops and I have an assortment of different teas from different places. My free time is (preferably) spent listening to music, playing games, and other stuff, none of which is all that interesting. I have a fairly big CD collection (>00) and a turntable that plugs into my computer. My computer is a piece of shit and I am a Nintendo fanboy (but I still play other games! Honest!). I frequent the forum Spectrum, and you can meet me there, if you’re that way inclined.

So, now that’s all said, please enjoy this work of art that is Select Start Media!

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