As part of the Pikachu Outbreak event in Yokahama, Japan, there have been reports of shiny Pikachu spawning in the wild. Faithful to the original games, shiny Pikachu only bears a very subtle colour change from a natural Pikachu, making it a slightly darker shade of yellow. Also similar to the original games, evolving a shiny Pikachu has been confirmed to result in a shiny Raichu.

Previously, the only confirmed shiny Pokémon available were Magikarp and Gyarados, however last July (just after the app first launched), The Silph Road discovered that information for over 100 shiny Pokémon existed within the app files.

As of yet, there has been no word from Niantic on when to expect a worldwide release, nor any confirmation of plans involving making other shinies available.

Source: @TheSilphRoad on Twitter


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