As you may or may not know, the biggest tournament in esports history–not just in Dota 2 history–is currently happening in Seattle: The International 7. 10 teams remain from an initial 18, with 2 dropping out after the group stage, followed by 6 more so far during the main event. The biggest shock so far has been the hometown favourites Evil Geniuses putting up a strong showing in the group stage (11-5), before crashing out in the main event, with a 0-2 loss to Chinese powerhouse Newbee and a successive 0-2 loss in the lower bracket to CIS team Empire, who are playing with a stand-in instead of their regular carry player. (Admittedly, many would argue that Empire would never have done so well if Chappie was playing for them instead of the superstar stand-in Resolut1on.)

Before I go off on too much of a tangent about TI, also known as my personal Christmas and the destruction of my sleeping schedule, the other shock to come out of TI7 was announced by host Day[9] between the Liquid v Secret and EG v Empire series–Valve are working on an all-new card game, Artifact.

While the trailer showed little more than a name and a year (2018), we know that Artifact is a “trading” card game, hypothesised to be Valve’s take on Hearthstone. It’s not a MOBA, but the game is intimately tied to Dota 2, with the gameplay and cards based around those from the world’s richest esport. All we know so far is that gameplay will involve heroes and using their abilities, earning gold and buying item cards, and barracks in some way. Day[9] described it as a “trading card game,” which could imply some kind of Steam Market integration for trading and buy/selling. Watch the very limited teaser trailer below.

So–Artifact is coming out at some point next year and marks Valve’s foray into competitive card games. Its Twitter account is live at @PlayArtifact. In the meantime, be sure to keep your eyes on The International 7, which starts back up at around 3 AM tomorrow morning at Sleep isn’t important. I’ll be posting more updates on TI7 as the event continues, so stay tuned for that if you’re not much of a morning person.

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