For Honor, Ubisoft’s multiplayer medieval fighting game, is having a free weekend across all platforms this weekend, between the 10th and 13th of August. All players joining in will have full access to all content provided in For Honor, including the multiplayer modes with the entire hero roster and single player/co-op campaign mode.

Players can take the role of either a Knight, Samurai, or Viking, and battle against each other for glory on an online battlefield. In conjunction with the free weekend, there’ll also be a discount on both the Standard and Gold editions, and preload will be available from the 9th on Uplay and PlayStation 4.

Also going on in parallel is the finals of the For Honor Hero Series, the first international For Honor tournament organised in partnership with ESL. That said, unless you’re a massive fan of the game, Australian readers probably aren’t going to get too involved–broadcast starts at 4 AM August 13th, viewable at

Unless, of course, you’re not interested at all because Honor is spelt incorrectly.

To check out our review of For Honor which was published on its release, go here.

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