The Crew is an incredibly underappreciated game. Drive around an open world MMORPG-esque United States. Ubisoft kindly gave me a copy when it was released, and I actually had so much fun with it, casually cruising from the Statue of Liberty to that president mountain; Rushmore, I think. It was a very well made, and very enjoyable, casual racing game. Oh, except for the fact that literally no one else I have ever met has played it, so I was cruising solo. Now, that all changes.

As part of Ubisoft’s 30th birthday celebration, they’re giving away The Crew, free of charge, for PC. I mean, you have to run it through Uplay, but beggars can’t be choosers (btw: Uplay really isn’t that bad.)

You’ll want to go here to redeem it to your Uplay account and, as far as I’m aware, once you redeem it it’s yours forever. You’ve got 30 days to redeem this until the next game is made available, whatever it will be.

Happy cruising! (oh, and add me on Uplay.)

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