Tonight, on the 3rd of January 2013, Select Start Media will be handing out a plethora of awards leading up to our Game of the Year Award of 2012. It will be a fun-filled fiesta, so make sure to stay tuned! Here’s the first of the awards to be presented:

As a predominantly Steam-based gamer, my video game consumption relies heavily on Steam release dates. It’s sad, but if a game isn’t released on the wallet-abusing service, I often don’t notice it. Well, that was the case in 2011, before I started Select Start Media in all its current glory. Hence the need for this award–the Special Achievement Award for 2011 Game. This award is presented to the best game I played for the first time this year that actually came out in 2011. And the winner is (click on the image!)…


After my passionate gushing about this title earlier in the year, how could it not be To The Moon? It is an absolutely outstanding adventure game that only saw release on Steam in 2012–if I’d have played it last year, it would have been up there in my games of the year for sure. To The Moon is an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. It’s an example of how one man can create a truly remarkable, emotional journey. For my full review, click here.

A very deserving special mention goes to Portal-esque puzzle platformer Q.U.B.E., which narrowly missed out on contention in this year’s award ceremony.

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