Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide


There’s a game on Steam called Bad Rats. For the longest time, Bad Rats was considered one of the worst games of all time. People would buy it as gifts for their friends as a joke–it became a point of pride to actually not have the game in your library. All this, of course, has been completely outshadowed by the mountains of tripe now available on the storefront thanks to Steam Greenlight, but it’s important to remember the legacy of Bad Rats. It was, however, also among the best rat related games on Steam. Rodent fans really didn’t have much to choose from. That changed in late October, when the Swedish developers Fatshark (War of the Roses, War of the Vikings, Krater) released their most recent game, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. Despite having one too many subtitles, Vermintide has stolen my heart as maybe my favourite title when I’m in the mood for co-operative shenanigans.

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Minecraft: Story Mode

mc story mode

(Lucky you have a short name, Jess.)

When I first heard about Minecraft: Story Mode, I (like many others) had so, so many questions. Most of them were variations of “why” and “how”, with a whole bunch of “what” thrown in there, just for good measure. Telltale, however, are masters of what they do, and so I approached this new addition to their growing oeuvre with cautious optimism that they would make good use of Minecraft’s signature design and unique feel. As it turns out, the expansive and immersive world of Minecraft was just crying out for someone to throw a proper plot into it – and Telltale seem to have found the perfect one.

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Beyond Eyes

beyond eyes

Video games are an art form with a lot of potential for unique storytelling. They are a complex system of rules for audiences to interact with, which in context can overtly or subtly teach us things we would not otherwise have really understood or thought about. An fantastic example of this would be the emergent narrative that is told in 2013’s Papers, Please; in which players are tasked with carrying out demanding, high pressure admin work in the context of border control in a politically unstable region. Although a very different game both in thematic and tone, Beyond Eyes serves as another excellent example of the storytelling strengths videogames have to offer us.

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The Journey Down Chapter 3 Kickstarter is now live!

Almost two months ago, SkyGoblin announced that they would be looking to fund the third chapter of afro-noir adventure game The Journey Down through crowd-funding – and that campaign is now live! If you liked the first two and want to see more, there are (as expected) some great rewards on offer for those that help make the third installment of this game everything it deserves to be. There are the usual incentives – t-shirts, copies of the game (digital and boxed), the ability to name characters in the upcoming chapter, etc. – but there are also some more unique items like original sketches of concept art for the game, which when you’re talking about a game with such a gorgeous art style would be a special thing for anyone to own. The guys at SkyGoblin work really hard to make this game great, so if you want to pledge your support in a financial way, head on over to the Kickstarter page and check out what they’re offering!


Ninja Pizza Girl


‘Ninja Pizza Girl’ isn’t a title that immediately evokes the kind of image I would associate with a game that tackles serious issues. Well, unless you’re really serious about pizzas and their timely delivery (which, to be fair, we all are at heart). So when I heard that this was a game about ‘self-esteem, bullying and resilience’, I had to know how the hell that was possible – and the result was better than I expected.

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The Talos Principle (Deluxe Edition)


The Talos Principle is a fantastic presentation of art, thought and design. While the narrative is far-reaching and rather ambitious, it works because the delivery is straightforward and logical, and is a complementary fit for the logic-puzzle gameplay and exploration. There are no ground-breaking gameplay mechanics akin to Portal’s gun, but The Talos Principle perfectly utilises what mechanics are offered. Within the recent landscape of rather disappointing attempts at innovation and immersion in video games, I’m proud to claim that The Talos Principle is the best game I’ve played in recent memory, and it ticks all my boxes. There’s no jokes or jabs right here, it’s just straight-up good.

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Jess’ EB Expo Games Round-Up

Provide games, and the nerds will come.

Provide games, and the nerds will come.

Last weekend, Britt and I attended the EB Games Expo in Sydney to check out a bunch of upcoming games and get a feel for what’s in gaming’s near future. This year, the focus was shifted from home-grown indie games to the multitude of AAA titles that were announced at E3 in June, meaning hype levels were high and lines were inevitably long. I was only able to attend for a day, but I did manage to experience some of the most highly anticipated titles on offer – even if only in the usual brief, convention-style manner. Britt had a bit more time at the expo than me, so she will probably be able to cover things in a little more detail, but here are my thoughts on what I did manage to see.

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